5 Healthy Food Lies We’ve Been Told Our Whole Lives

Salted cashews are posted everywhere, the intake of raw veggies has doubled, and more often than not, you go to bed hungry. No wonder you and so many others fall off the bandwagon with a health plan like that.

Many who want to get “fit” have a common belief that the more hunger pangs you feel and sweat you burn, the svelter and healthier you’ll be. You would be happily shocked that in fact, that is not the case. We’ve also been taught a lot of half-truths, and straight-up lies about the food we consume, how we can prepare it, and how it will affect our bodies throughout our lives.

when you do more research you will find out that some of your food habits are probably a bigger mistake than last week’s Kit Kat you snuck. Check this list to make sure that you take two steps forward and not two pounds back!

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1. Fresh is healthier than frozen

Frozen is the best food item in fact unless your produce or meats come directly from farm to table. Typically fresh foods lose their high nutrient volume just three days after harvest. Taking travel time and temperature fluctuation into account, it’s easy to see how the nutritional value has become depleted before your food hits your grocer.

Normally, frozen foods should be frozen shortly after processing, which will lock up their nutritious benefits in order to prepare. The con with the frozen food is that the fresh taste that others love may be missing. This is easily ignored, however, when you know how much more comfortable your wallet will become once you turn. Plus, it doesn’t spoil as fast, so never throw dollars down the drain. When it comes to these it pays to bargain shop.

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2. Flavored yogurt is a healthy choice

Yogurt is one of those healthy foods that are laden with sugar. Unless you indulge in Greek yogurt you should keep your intake to a minimum. Flavored yogurt is loaded with unnecessary grams of sugar which surpass the probiotics it holds. But if you opt for sugar-free or fat-free brands, the false ingredients remain off your appetite only momentarily, which will eventually cause you to overindulge.

If plain Greek yogurt doesn’t do the trick, you can sweeten it with other natural additives of course. Honey, raspberries, blueberries, and other fruits are all great additions that will help make it more attractive.

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3. Raw veggies are more nutritious than cooked

People want to cleanse juice simply because it’s fresh and raw. Such juices produce valuable enzymes when the fruit or vegetables are freshly squeezed, while these minerals are drained out if you heat up past 118 degrees.

What most people don’t know, though, is that humans are already making enough of these enzymes on their own, so those veggy nutrients are actually moot. Veggies are loaded with plenty of other vitamins and minerals that are never depleted from the plant, whatever the temperature you use.

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4. A healthy drink is 100 percent fruit juice

Fruit juice is arguably one of the worst “health foods” you could choose, especially if it is not squeezed freshly. The amount of natural and added sugar for a single serving of a beverage will easily drive you over the recommended daily intake of sugar for three whole days.

By opting to eat your fruit this way, you ingest all of the fruit’s natural sugar but none of the dietary fiber. A glass of apple juice contains just 0.2 grams of fiber while an entire apple has 3.3 grams of fiber. What one seems to you the better choice? Drinking fruit juice can also increase your appetite, which may cause you to eat more at your next meal than you would normally have.

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5. Multigrain is the only bread that has nutritious

Tossing the white bread and pasta aside and going the multigrain path, could be all the rage. But don’t get too wrapped up in your choice of momentarily self-satisfying lifestyle. The quality of the refinement is what really matters for bread. Most of the grains found in bread have already had their most important nutrients removed. Keep your expectations tight, even if you’re full grain on the prowl. The only worthwhile bread is the one that advertises 100 percent whole wheat. If you see “refined wheat” at all, that is a big red flag, it’s just carbs and sugars.

This applies to snacks such as pretzels and crackers too. Check that the first ingredient mentioned is whole grain to ensure you ‘re buying a fairly safe product. Choose something with at least 3 grams of fiber per serving if you’re truly trying to step it up.